The Point + WyldLife

The Point + WyldLife

We are a group of students who believe that life is so much better when you live it with Jesus. So whether we are are playing laser tag, loving on orphans in another country or playing games at our weekly hangout, we are learning more about who Jesus is and how we can live like Him.

11885636_10153565909909146_7549461700542844947_oWe’re not saying you need to be a fanatic, or even religious at all. You don’t need to go to church or even believe in God to join us. But if you do, you might just realize that your life has been missing something really important, and that Jesus is exactly what you need. We just want to make your life better!

No matter what your background or beliefs, consider yourself invited to everything in here. Just grab a friend and come along!

WyldLife Summer Events Schedule:

Middle School Campaigners
Sunday Mornings, 10:15-11:15 am

Point Schedule:

High School Campaigners
Sunday Mornings, 10:15-11:15 am

We value fun, friends, and Jesus!

WyldLife Campaigners Location:
Greely Middle School Cafeteria

Point Campaigners Location:
Greely Middle School

Josh Sibert
Josh joined White Pine’s team as the youth pastor in June 2013. Before moving to Maine, Josh served as a children’s & teens’ director in California and as an assistant youth director in Indiana. Amy enjoys serving as a youth leader and helping manage the infant and toddler nurseries of White Pine while taking care of their children, Miles, Zane, and Cali, from home.

For more info contact Josh:
(207) 400-7526 cell