Women: The Chosen (Season 3)

Women: The Chosen (Season 3)

A Women’s Bible Study Group – The Chosen (Season 3)

  • Description: The Chosen is a recently produced TV series about the earthly ministry of Jesus based on the gospel accounts. The creators (Dallas Jenkins etal) have now written study guides to accompany the series. Participants in our group will watch each episode prior to meeting (free link to watch provided) and then work through the accompanying study guide, which includes scripture references and application questions in preparation for our discussion.
  • Leaders: Suzy Andrews & Meredith Kerr
  • Time: Every Tuesday 1-3 p.m. 
  • Location: Zoom
  • Materials needed: The Chosen Season Three Study Guide, $16, available from Meredith 
  • For more information: Suzy Andrews: Suzyandrews656@gmail.com or Meredith: meredithkerr99@gmail.com
  • This group can be joined at anytime. New participants are always welcome!