Offering free resources to pregnant women. Contact Suzy Andrews to donate to Abba or volunteer. Learn More >>

Care Ministry

Showing up and filling gaps when needs arise. Contact Joe Campbell if you are in need or you know someone who is in need, and let us know how we can help.

If you recently had surgery or a baby, we want to support you with meals during this challenging time. Additionally, if you would like to support other families in need with a meal, contact Marilyn Kendall to receive or send meals.

Cumberland Food Pantry

Mobilizing volunteers to alleviate hunger. You can donate to the Cumberland Food Pantry by dropping off needed items in the shopping carts located at the front entrance of Cumberland Town Hall. Learn More >>

Habitat for Humanity

Empowering families to help themselves. Contact Doreen Wilcox to volunteer your time or support in another way. Learn More >>

Long Creek

Loving young people in lockup. Contact Suzy Andrews to volunteer your time or help in some other way. Learn More >>

Pray for One

Interceding for those we want to find Jesus. Email the names or initials of your Pray for One to Sarah Cass at Sarah@whitepinechurch.org, and we’ll pray for them at our weekly meeting.